Evictions & Collections

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Fast, same day filing – trial set two weeks out

14 Day Results

We evict tenants the same month they quit paying rent.  Mail your slow paying tenants a three day notice as soon as rent becomes overdue to start the clock ticking.  Our office has prepared a free three day notice to download and customize for your own use.

3 Day Notice

Back Rent Collection

After we evict your tenant for non-payment, our office will take judgment for the back rent that is owed to you -plus attorney fees and court costs.  We then enforce these judgments against your former tenant’s paycheck.  Collection cases are handled on a contingency fee basis -we only get paid when you do.

Tenant Representation

Tenant representation is available in circumstances where a landlord either;

(a) Engages in discriminatory practices,

(b) Withholds essential services, or

(c) Ignores the legal process and uses self help against you.